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Alpha SSD Laboratory is your best defaced money cleaning laboratory to find out exactly what is ssd chemical or whatever you are looking for as it concerns the SSD Solution Chemical and its other component. 

Our experts try as much as possible to provide you with the most relevant information regarding the SSD solution.

Some FAQ by our all time clients/customers.

what is ssd chemical? why is money coated black? what is ssd solution?
what is ssd solution made of? whats is ssd chemical solution

  • How much is your 1 liter ssd solution chemical?
    Our 1 liter of U.S Grade A ssd solution chemical cost 28,500 including shipping charge..and it able to clean between $100,000 to $500,000 ....... For more info please visit
  • Can you send technician to my country ?
    Yes , we do have professional technician on standby who are ready to travel into any country at any giving time to help develop your bills on your request . If you interested in any of our services kindly ....... visit
  • What kind of cleaning processes do your laboratory offer ?
    Not only we offer quality manual cleaning process, We aslo offer automatic "3D lazer cleaning machines to do the huge cleaning in various destination all over the world as where our client are located. Mostly we released out the machine by customer's request which is to do the jobb quickly than manual cleaning process.... For more info please visit
  • Do you carry out Lab Analysis on Black.White,Green Notes ?"
    Yes we equally carry out laboratory test analysis on ever defaced bank notes prior to be clean, this purpose is to determine if the said note(s) is still in good condition. Generally when we talk of test analysis on notes; it is a detecting processess by which our expert technician will undergo a procedure of taking one or two of your notes into the laboratory to test the notes that has been coated with the anti breeze diced film due to change of meteorological conditions or excess pene.... For more info please visit
  • Do your laboratory offer machine for hire or rent?
    Yes, we also offer machine for rent and hire. Our 3D Lazer Automatic defaced money cleaning Machine is also available for RENT, and/or LEASE, SALE to customer and offer for huge amount cleaning depending on negotiation. For renting our machine, we shall send you our machine booking form which you must fill,sign and returnn a copy to us, so as to process your request .... For more info please visit
  • Do your Laboratory melt frozing chemicals ?
    Yes , We also do melting of frozen chemicals . Professionally when we talk of chemical melting; it is a recovering processes by which we undergo a procedure of melting frozen chemical that has been congeal (coagulated) due to change of meteorological conditions or excess penetration of natural air while it's been sealed . For more info please visit
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