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SKU: 0009
$31.000,00 Harga Reguler
$27.900,00Harga Promosi
  • Automatic money cleaning machine, is one of the most fast and easy way to clean all your complete huge amount of black money in short notice. Laboratory sell the machine and also gives it our out for lease, with proper directory on how to use it. We provide all the materials (including but not limited to Machine, Chemicals, Salts, and Powders) for cleaning anti breeze, defaced banknotes.

    The tainted currency cleaning machine are available with different categories and we lease it out depending on the amount of currencies you have. The machine for processing huge amounts can be made available on customer’s demand. We also have stock of the different chemicals, salts,  powders and all other materials relative to cleaning defaced banknotes (all colors).

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